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Removable bicyckle racks for 2015 mark 2 XF


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Hi can anyone recommend a reliable/ safe, and not massively expensive, bicycle rack for the 'bac'k of a mark 2, 2015 XF ?  They need to be removable and for 2 bikes. I can't cope with a roof rack in place all the time or really on top, and I hear from my wife you can now get ones that just attach on the back but can be removed quite easily. I can't cope with a permanent  roof rack on a Jag (snob)

Any ideas, also not to damage paint. Probably only used once or twice a month.

Any ideas to resolve this domestic??    I see Halfords have lots



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Yes, thanks Trevor. I will get my wife to have a look. It's just not an issue I saw coming having a rack. Remind me of years back with old cars but guess they have come on in design. Yes, 15% could make quite a difference. I see you are in Dorset. I'm in Yeovil but used to live in Dorchester and was born and lived for many year in Poole. If I win the lottery I'll get back to Dorset.


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Yes Trevor, used to own a Bristol double decker bus and 2 x Morris Oxfords in Dorset days. I'm aiming to get back or at least escape Yeovil perhaps. Not, that its a terrible town and it's a nice county Somerset but not home.

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