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Tracking rod MOT failure


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My 2017 F Pace recently failed the second MOT due to excessive play in the track rod end ball joint of the offside front.

Internet chatter show there has been an 'H037 Required Service Action' re this track rod.

Is this a common problem in all F Pace vehicles and is it one I should be asking Jaguar to compensate me for?

The vehicle has been driven for 35000 miles.

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That does seem very premature as this part should not wear that quickly unless it is of poor quality.
I would address this with your dealer especially as it a steering component.

Also, bear in mind that if one side has gone the other side will go shortly as it is doing the same work

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Thank you for your comment. My apologies for the slow reply. I'm not on this forum often.

The dealer has referred me to Jaguar central and they are wriggling.

Am I correct that there was call out from Jaguar for service action regards this part? That indicates to me they accept it as a weak spot.

I am continuing the conversation with them but its a slow process. Some of their replies make me think they are replying to different e mails!


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