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Bought and installed a 2012 mapping dvd, now my car's electrics are messed up


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Hi All

I have a 2007 2.2 diesel XType the original mapping DVD stopped working in it, so I bought another one (2012) from satnavishop.co.uk, thinking that 2012 just meant that I would have some newer data on the DVD (more up to date maps). When I installed it, it said "System Updating" do not switch off the engine, it did this for about 5 minutes. After it was installed, things have been pretty whacky with the car (never had any of these problems before, all happened the instant I installed this dvd) when I press the accelerator, the hot/cold air fans fire up in tandem with it, the more I depress the accelerator the more the fans come on. The fan controls on the console no longer work as expected, if I select the face fans only then that works, but it only comes out hot, irrespective of temperature settings, any other setting and I can hear they are all blocked off, but they still fire up in tandem when the accelerator is pressed. it's constantly telling me the rear doors are open when they aren't, and if I lock it, the alarm now goes off every 45 minutes or so. it s now really lumpy, feels like it's misfiring, and has hardly any pick up or power. There are more other wierd things happening too, but they escape me now I'm sat here typing.

My assumption is perhaps the 2012 map demanded a software update to run it, and now that software isn't compatible with my car (I am only guessing here, I try to fix things myself where I can, I'm not a qualified mechanic and have hardly any experience or success at dealing with the ECU side of things in cars)

Turns out the old DVD was just a bit dirty, so I cleaned it and put it back in (wish I'd thought of that before buying the replacement one), hoping it would put things back to normal, it didn't.

the advice from the dvd seller was to unplug the battery for 5 to 10 minutes, other than that, they've washed their hands of me, I've had to leave the car with the battery unplugged all night because of the alarm constantly going off, that hasn't helped.

I read the ECU can be reset by detaching the wires from the battery terminals and holding them together for a few minutes, that hasn't worked either.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this, is there anything I can do to get my onboard computer back to what it was before I installed this wretched dvd?

Such a shame, this has been the best car I've ever owned, and it's practically undrivable now, all because of map DVD.


All the best - Trev

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I’ve only just bought myself fan x type and was contemplating buying a new DVD too but having read what happened to you I think I’ll give it a miss. Did you manage to get it resolved & if so, who did it for you?  I’m in Sussex too and am looking for recommendations for a decent garage who understands these cars. Thanks 

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Welcome to the club, Mark.

I bought a 2012 disc for my s type in 2014 and it has worked correctly all the time. £25 well spent.

There sometimes need a clean like any disc.




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