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Jaguar XF (2013) doors won't unlock with Key Fob


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Hi All,
My first post so apologies if ive posted this in the wrong place.  I have a n issue with My Jag Xf (2013) whereby when i press the unlock button on any of my 2 key fobs, the doors wont unlock.
What happens:-

- Press the unlock button and the car tries to unlock the door and the suddenly locks again
- Keep pressing the unlock button and it doesn’t do anything
- Leave it a few seconds and try again and it does the same thing of trying to unlock but doesnt unlock
- the boot opens with the key fob and i can press the other buttons like the hazards and lights which work
- Passenger door opens with the key but sets off the alarm as you would expect and i can press the unlock button on the key to turn it off

I had a warning light on one of the smart keys and i changed the battery but the fact the other key does the same thing, i dont think it was the battery change on the key that caused the issue.

I have a CTECK trickle charge to make sure the battery is charged up and i havent had any warning lights about the battery.

The doors do open sometimes but i dont know what the reason for it to open all the time.  It stays locked more that allows me to open the car (if that makes any sense at all).

The other funny thing that happened today for the first time is that the alarm went off all of a sudden.  It was the first time that had happened and it only did that once this morning. 

Ive had the car for about a year and a half now and absolutely love it, so im hoping this is something simple ive missed or need to check on.

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Hi KP and welcome.

You certainly seem to have covered the usual cause of such problems with a CTek. However if the car is still on its first, or even its second battery it could be the battery is the source of the problem if it is starting to fade. If voltage drops then the various computers  can have their software corrupted and the central locking / alarm seems especially sensitive to this. If this is the case you will probably need either a Jag Dealer / Specialist or a Garage with the AutoLogic system (and the knowledge of how to use it) to correct the issue .

Have you checked the actual voltage at rest and during start up? Does the Stop/Start work? How old is the Battery? It is an AGM?



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Many thanks for your reply John,

I havent checked the actual voltage at rest to be honest.  i dont have the gadgets for it, but im sure ill look into that.  the Start/Stop function works with no issues 

Yeah i have been reading a lot about AutoLogic and was hoping for someone to mention that as a route to take if id have covered all bases.  

The battery is AGM but i cant see anything in the service history of the battery being replaced, so another area to look into.


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If the Stop/Start is working the Battery is probably fine as the computers only engage the system when they are 100% certain there is enough energy to restart. Only other suggestion would be a poor connection on the battery or earth which has caused a momentary drop in voltage to upset the software. Other than that it could be a real fault in one of the modules.

My next port of call would be a Jag dealer or Indie specialist for a diagnostic.

Good luck


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Hi All,

Update on this.  

I took it Jaguar just to hear out their comments.  I told them my car locks with the key but doesn’t open again.  They were baffled and wanted to see it.  One of the senior mechanics came out as he was intrigued and said he'd never seen this before and after looking around the car for about 5 minutes he found what the issue was.

He identified that the front door latch was sticking.  Every time he pressed the unlock button on the key, the drive side door tries to open, but fails.  When you sit in the car and physically open and close the door latch, all the doors lock and unlock, but not on its own.  I ended up buying the latch from Jaguar (but at a trader’s price £109 inc VAT, part JJDE3871) and got it fitted by my local garage.  All is working perfectly now. 

Thanks all for your help and input on the issue

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