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V8 Premium......wow! (but some help please)

Fiona Walker

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Well it's ages since my first post, but yesterday we picked up our 2011 V8 Premium Luxury from servicing/etc after 3+ years in our garage. It needed gas in the aircon, a battery, key batteries, one tyre, a shock absorber bush and front brakes.  Not too horrendous. So in the lovely sunshine, we went on a distinctly non-Covid friendly jolly. Not too far from home, but still probably shouldn't have done it but we did.
And yes, I'd driven it lots before but no, I'd never used either dynamic or sports mode 🤨 ... I have now !!!!!!!   What a beast.  Made better by hearing the Jag expert we'd gone to confirm what I already believed, ie it's apparently quite a rare beast 
I searched the forums but couldn't find anyone talking about dust/anti-knock covers for use inside rather than weatherproof ones. Up to now we've just been using sheets but I felt it now merited an upgrade lol   Can anyone recommend a good one?  Or point me in the direction of an existing thread?   Secondly, the only real issue we have is technology related.  The satnav is tortuously slow, and we can't recall the password for connecting phones to the car's system.  Any clues anyone?  I'll post these questions in the XF club as well, but thought simply getting it up and running again was worth a general post!  

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