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I'm a new member and have an issue with seagulls.

How do you clean gull c@@p off the convertable top of a XF?

And I suppose the next question is how can I protect it from later incidents - is there a product that will protect the cloth?

I do have a cover , but its the odd, sods law moment when its not on Im concerned about.

Many thanks in advance


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Hi Alistair, and welcome to the club.

I live in a suburban house which the local chaffinches, starlings and pigeons with the odd magpies visit the robins and thrushes that live here.  So I also have a problem which I try to cure with a large water pistol which is useful in pointing our visitors to other houses.  There is also  a spray available that can remove the Five Aitch One Tea.  My Jaguar has a hard top which makes it easier.

I did hear some years ago that a nice gentleman was the victim of a seagull and asked his wife for a tissue.  She replied "Don't be silly, it's miles away now."

The best solution is keep the roof down!!



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