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XF Portfolio wiper issue (2015)

Simon Jefferson

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Good evening guys,

    I'm having an intermittent issue with my wipers.  They'll work fine, then suddenly stop in random positions on the windscreen.  Flicking the lever from auto to manual doesn't do anything, pulling it for a single wipe sometimes gets them to move, but they'll do 4 swipes not one and again stop in a random position.  The wash/wipe won't work at this time.  If I pull over and turn the ignition off and then restart the car, sometimes it resolves the issue, sometimes not.  Today got caught on the M20 with the blades stuck at a 45 degree angle in the rain, so not a happy bunny.

Reluctant to go to dealers as it's an intermittent issues.

Also, just moved to Maidstone so if anyone knows a good place nearby to take the girl to I'd appreciate it. 

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Perhaps investing in an iCarSoft might help diagnose the problem. Sorry that is not immediately helpful but these cars are full of electronics that all sorts of things can happen.

Also if taking it to a 'Jaguar Specialist' make sure that they have the Jaguar diagnostic software.

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