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Stater motor replacement

George Elliott

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Can anyone help? I’ve had my xj soveriegn diesel from new and what a car. As with most of us I’ve had to lay it up during the pandemic now I’m having problems stating it. Fitted new battery but it sometimes starts and otherwise it just clicks. I am told to fit a new starter motor but I can’t find and information on how to do this. Being auto I can’t move it so I have to try this on my drive. Can anyone offer advise? I’m an old engineer with talent but no manual. Thanks 

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Perhaps this will help George---
Starter Motor 2.0L Diesel
1)Disconnect the battery.
2)Remove the air deflector.
3)Disconnect the vacuum pipes from the vacuum solenoid valves and the vacuum reservoir.
4)Disconnect the vacuum solenoid valves electrical connectors.
5)Detach the wiring harness from the vacuum solenoids and vacuum reservoir mount bracket.
6)Remove the vacuum solenoids and vacuum reservoir mount bracket assembly.
7)Detach the wiring harness retaining clips from the wiring harness support bracket.
8)Remove the wiring harness support bracket.
9)Detach the starter motor.
10)Position the starter motor to provide access to the starter motor cables.
11)Remove the starter motor solenoid cover and electrical connector retaining nut.
12)Remove the starter motor by removing the starter motor electrical connector retaining nut.
Install is the reverse of above
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