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Help removing Turbo intercooler XF 2.2d


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Hi all, Was wondering if anyone has had experience with removing the Turbo intercooler on an XF 2.2d X250 Facelift, had a smoke test done at Jaguar and diagnosed as a split in the plastic seam on intercooler. They are unable to source any parts with no indication of any dates so have had to source a used one for now, attempted to remove the old one but just stuck with releasing the two retaining clips on the left hand side.

I have not removed AC or radiator so wondering if it can be done without this, pretty sure all the bolts are out now (from looking at the one spare one) just unable to manoeuvre the turbo intercooler anymore to the left to unhinge it, anything obvious i might be missing?



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6 minutes ago, O.T.H said:

Cheers! I ended up biting the bullet and just taking the radiator out with it, after messing it around it ended up being quicker. Although does mean ill have to change the coolant now.

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