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Jump start killed electrics


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With the COVID restrictions my 4.2 "S" type was parked up for long periods which led to a flat battery. I therefore attempted to start it using jump leads which resulted in instantaneous loss of all electrics, that is all dashboard ignition lights died and no response from the starter motor. Conversations with car enthusiasts have suggested that a main control computer may have blown due to the high current demands of the starter motor. Can anyone please point me in the right direction to fix it.

Regards, Stevie Mac.

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put a new battery on it and make sure its been fully charged, ideally left on charge over night

if the jump leads are not big enough, they need to be left connected for for 10 minutes or so to bring the battery up

jump starting a car should not effect anything, unless they were connected with wrong polarity in which would have blown some of the electronics

worth also checking all the mega fuses in the boot





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Thanks for responses Joe and S Collins.

I am confident that the jump leads were connected properly, I have done this on various cars numerous times without a hitch. I will check all the main fuses then connect the jump leads again and leave them connected for 10 minutes and re-try the jump start. Mind you, if all the dashboard lights are still out, then there must be something else at play.

Stay tuned and I'll keep you informed. Thanks again.

Regards,Stevie Mac.

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