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Advice needed re a Jaguar XJ


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Hi everyone , just joined the forum look forward to meeting some nice people . I found via a friend of mine last week a 1998 XJ , other than the incredibly low miles ( 4800 !! ) to be precise , the car is due to being kept in an air cocoon as good as the day it left the factory. It has had 3 no Jaguar services up to 2014 , subsequently the current owner passed away , since the  other than to go for its annual MOT its done less than 400 miles in 7 years . It drives faultlessly , not a squeak rattle it just purrs along . My issue is and that why I am asking is should I get the car booked into a local specialist and get all the fluids etc changed plus any other bits that others with better knowledge than I could recommend . Appreciate any advice , sincere thanks Mark 

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Hi Mark, and welcome to the club.

The XJ is the top off the range Jaguar, and was used by Royalty as well as Senior members of the government and still is.

I was offered one 8 years ago that had been used by the Queen but I have an an L shaped drive and my s type carefully misses the bay window, which the xj could not do.

Yes I would take the car to a good Jaguar mechanic and have all the fluids including the il in both engine and gearbox -  a good car needs a good meal as it were.

My s type has done 87,000 miles and is a very smooth drive and it does get the treatment every year and it is only 14 years old.

It sound a real good buy.




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