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Door locking fault on 2014 XF Sportbrake

Kevin Patterson

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Hi and good evening to all, i purchased the above car some two months ago and following a service today i was told that the drivers door isnt locking, i have tried both key fobs and no joy, everything locks accept the drivers door and the mirrors dont go in. Sometimes the mirrors do go in but at the minute thay are not so i dont know if when they do the drivers door is locked. Can anyone advise me on this please before i have to go top the main dealer,

kind regards


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Hi Kevin,

I had similar problem with my other cars (not XF) 

I Was able to solve mirror problem, causes was water ingress after rain or washing, WD 40 helped. Although have since read a silicone spray is better as does not gum up locks or moving parts. Spray and move it by hand.

I have read If all of the door lock switches are functional but one door fails to operate, the most likely problem is an open circuit in the circuit between the switch and solenoid or a defective solenoid in the affected door. You should listen to the affected door while energizing the door lock. If a click is heard but the lock did not engage, a problem with the door lock mechanism or linkage is the most likely cause.

I have also used WD40 on door hinges when they got stuck.

On my X type I had problem with doors not locking and beeping, Occasionally the alarm went off as well that was key fob problem.

Best Regards,



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Just seen this post now. I also have a 2014 Sportbrake and had similar problems. It is the internal door switch. I tried to do it myself as the replacement switches are relatively cheap, but I found I needed an octopus to help me hold everything together. A number of posts describing this as an easy task are misleading, it is definitely NOT easy, and I am a Mechanical Engineer. 

I took it to the JLR dealer who sorted it out within a couple of hours. The door lock internal mechanisms are fiddly and will fail occasionally. 

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