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Auto Gear Mode - Selection


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Purchased an 18 plate 2.0 XE Portfolio last Wednesday. Have driven Automatics and used paddle shift for years and I'm hoping the issue I have will be easily clarified.

3 occasions now that when in "D" mode whilst waiting for lights to change or being parked up with the engine running I have pulled away only to notice that the dash gear indicator has changed from "D" to a gear number with a green light telling me to up-shift with the paddles for the next gear! This may be a fault between the steering wheel and the seat (Me!) accidentally touching the paddle shift but on each occasion I have had to manually change up using the paddles until the gear indicator reverts back to "D" and all reverts back to normal.

I'm hoping this is just "New Car Syndrome" and "Operator Error. I would appreciate any info as to if this a known fault (No info on this forum about this issue) or a possible cause so I can contact the dealer ASAP or I need to adjust my driving skills for this car!!!

All responses very much appreciated.



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Hi John.

Can't say I've ever had this happen to me. If it is definitely in D when you set off then it should change automatically without displaying any gear numbers. If you have caught the paddle by mistake, holding the + paddle for about 3 seconds will put the car back to D and fully auto.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks Ian. I've had a chat with Jaguar this morning and they don't think its a fault. Its definitely in D when I pull up and stationary  They've suggested I disable "paddle shift" in the drivers menu system and see if it still happens. They've also suggested that if it happens again to hold in the + paddle for approx 2 seconds which will then reset back to "D" mode. Needed to ask the question to see if it had happened to anyone else.

Jaguar also mentioned  that I may have just lightly touched the paddle shift levers when adjusting / placing my hands back on the steering wheel just prior to pulling away which would be enough to change the mode to paddle shift. Will leave the post open too see if I get anymore responses. Many thanks.

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