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Custom shades for Xf sportbrake


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Hi all
New to the forum, so hopefully this is the right place for this! My wife and I are about to have our first child (the reason we bought a car). As part of this, I'm hoping to get some custom windows shades. We bought those ones that go over the door, but they look terrible! I've found a few places (like this one: https://www.carshades.co.uk/) that do custom window shades, but they all have options for the 2012-2015 Xf Sportbrake or the 2016+ Xf saloon/sedan. I've got the 2019 Sportbrake, and cannot find any custom shades for it.

All I want is the rear passenger doors, I'm not bothered at all about the cargo area. Does anyone know if buy shades for the 2019 saloon would fit (even if slightly imperfectly) on the rear-door windows of the Sportbrake?


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It may be worth contacting them. If they custom build for each car they may be able to make them. 

I have to say I'm rather taken by those, I might just order a set myself to keep it cooler for the dog on longer journeys. Also gives the look of privacy glass if you want it, and I like the fact that you can have the windows open too. Would look great on my black XF. 😀

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