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  1. That reminds me, I must get around to installing the TPMS on the Jag. If the missus can remember where she put the bits that go on the tyres, that is. On the fence regarding run flats, most reviews suggest that they ruin the ride and its probably already slightly compromised as mine has 19" wheels. Tempted though given the price of a spare + tools, although I won't need new tyres for some time yet. I guess I'll wait and see how much this latest damn DPF issue costs to put right first.
  2. I'm still looking for one at a reasonable price. Mine are 19" wheels and the car came without the spare or any tools, just a bottle of gunk to inflate the tyres but no pump. I'm torn between forking out for the spare wheel and tools (inc. jack) required, or whether to just go with run flats next time I change the tyres as somebody recommended on another thread. I've heard several times that run flats ruin the ride though.
  3. I found something VERY interesting tonight. In the Workshop Manual - the one the dealers use, not the Owner's Guide (OG) - the instructions for doing the DPF regeneration after the amber warning are pretty much the same, word for word in fact, as they are in the OG. But there's also an extra instruction. The manual advised that you drive for a further 10 minutes to ensure the DPF is properly cleaned. That definitely does NOT appear in the OG. Note this was for the 3.0d, MY2010-2013 XF. There's also a section that tells you that "active regen occurs automatically every 450 miles (adjusted according to driving style)", but a few pages and a couple of years later that was rewritten to read "every 250 miles" .
  4. Welcome... hint of jealousy as I wanted the Portfolio model. I don't think I'm missing too much though except the reverse cameras.
  5. Interesting reading through this again, especially the prices being quoted. I did finish up with a "Restricted Performance" issue last October, which was deemed to be a blocked DPF, and got it removed and cleaned with a 12 month warranty for under £200 if I remember the price correctly. I've also few found out that you can buy a fault code reader for around £50, which will tell you, to a point, what problems you're having. The one I got, the Icarsoft v2, also allows you to manually regenerate the DPF. It cost me around £100. However, I'm really interested in one of the Bluetooth modules that were mentioned earlier, if they can be programed to show the soot levels. These ELN327 gadgets can be purchased for under a fiver on ebay, even the wireless Bluetooth ones, just plug in and connect to your mobile phone. Sounds like a "must have" to me, especially if you're experiencing DPF problems as I am. I'm not sure if they show the soot levels or if that has to be programed into them separately but I'm going to take a closer look at the various listings on ebay.
  6. Quick update. I've just done a diag using the iCarsoft LR v2 and the only fault code I got was P2458 - DPF Regeneration Duration. But it doesn't give any figures on what that duration is. There are no other codes and no other symptoms, the car appears to run as normal and the oil level hasn't changed, it's at around 75%. I decided to set it up for a forced regen to get the soot figure, which makes interesting reading. It measured at 3329.08 grams. That's a huge figure given that the system won't do a forced regen if the level is over 60 grams. Obviously there's a vast difference between 3329 and 60 grams and that high a level would surely cause serious problems? Does this suggest a faulty sensor or something of that nature? Bearing in mind I've only done around 2500 miles in the 7-8 months since the DPF was removed and cleaned, around 20-25% of that would have been town driving, the rest either motorway or fast A-road with most of that being in the past few months (we haven't really been anywhere between November-March as the wife was recovering from an op). Makes no sense at all to me that the DPF would be blocked given the overall type of use over the past few months, especially recent months. One other slight oddity. I did the same scan last week and have only driven 2 miles since. I checked the "Distance to next service", just out of curiosity, and last week it read 7578Km. This week it reads 3541Km.
  7. Great news! Let's hope all is present and correct when you get it. Nothing new though, I once ordered a Kawasaki motorcycle and when it finally arrived they hadn't even got the colour right. Most annoying was the fact that there was only a choice of 2 colours, so it shouldn't have been that much of a job to distinguish between red and silver, but they still managed to get it wrong! That was 44 years ago.
  8. The "just in time" system is just fine until something goes wrong, then it all falls apart. It's the same with many things these days, everything is fine tuned too work just right, but as soon as there's a break in the chain it all goes wrong. We rely on Royal Mail for outgoing deliveries and they use a system to calculate what staff, vehicles etc. they'll need according to what mail they have going through the system at any given time. But have you ever noticed after a bank holiday a lot of mail is a few days late? This is because they get a backlog of mail to collect over a bank holiday weekend then on the first day back (after Easter for example), they suddenly have 4 days' mail to process instead of one so they're effectively then 3 days behind. Because it takes several days to clear this it can have a knock-on effect for several days. I spend much of my time having to explain this time and time again to customers complaining about late deliveries after a holiday period. Sorry about the waffle, just explaining how it happens. People go back to work and expect everything to carry on as normal but when there's any sort of disruption it's the knock-on effect that creates the problems, and with the "just in time" systems it can be extremely disruptive.
  9. I recently got the amber "DPF Full" warning on the dash. I thought this was a bit odd at the time as a few days earlier we did a 'country lane' drive of a total of 140 miles, so not motorway speeds but pretty much non-stop quick driving apart from a break along the way. So if it was on its way to becoming full that should have cleared it. After that I probably did around 10-15 miles local stop-start driving over the next week which is about average for the week. The warning actually came on after the car had been idling for about 5 minutes as I was waiting for the missus in a car park and wanted the heaters on. Anyway, the next day we did a 45 mile motorway drive, driving back via the A roads at 40-50 mph, again quiet roads, non-stop driving, and the warning cleared. I didn't notice at what point it cleared. Similar routine followed, around 10 miles or so (in total) short trip driving around town for the next few days, and the warning came back on again. I then did another 60 mile motorway round trip at between 60-70 mph but this time the warning hasn't cleared. Anybody know why this could be happening? Last October I had the DPF filter removed and cleaned completely after a similar problem, although in that case the RED DPF full warning kept coming on when I accelerated hard, and it was noticably more sluggish to drive then than it is at the moment. I'd only had car a short time at that point but suspect it had only been used for short trips before I got it due to the low mileage, which was probably why the DPF was clogged up. But I have only done around 2500 miles since that job was done. I do a few short journeys of a mile or so maybe 3-4 times a week but do motorway runs in between of 40-50 miles or so to try to keep it clear. The car should be able to cope with that, surely? I know people with diesels who only do the school run and shopping every day who never have a problem, and the car has only done 56k. Could it be a faulty sensor or the regen system not kicking in when it should be? (I haven't noticed the burning oil smell recently that you get when the system is regenerating). Car seems to drive perfectly fine, no loss of power or anything. I do have it booked in but can't get it looked at until a week Thursday.
  10. Yes, I'll make further enquires although I have now seen a couple of 19" ones for sale. A bit more than I want to pay ideally and would prefer it to come with the tools. All I have is a bottle of glue/sealant, they even took the compressor to inflate it but I wouldn't be keen on using that anyway. As they're going on ebay for £160 upwards, it's not really surprising. Worth noting I've never seen a 20" one.
  11. Old post I know, but I'm sure you will still be able to tell you have a puncture with a run-flat. Once it's deflated it's bound to affect the handling, surely? Alternatively you can buy a DIY TPMS for around £25 or less. I've got one, and it's pretty accurate too although I never got around to fitting it on the XF. The display is solar powered and sticks to the windscreen (or dash), and the tyre monitors simply replace the valve caps on the tyre. It's wireless so there's no wiring involved. This is similar to the one I have and I've been impressed with it, better than I expected it to be. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133963859051
  12. Yes, reason I'm asking is I read an article some time ago saying its perfectly fine as long as its temporary, and is the reason you're only supposed to use those temporary spare wheels as a "Get me home" job for no more than 20 or so miles. I forget where I read it and I know there's a lot of nonsense on the Internet, but I'm sure it was on a more respected site, either the RAC or a tyre manufacturers site, something like that. I've also spoken to a Jag authorised repair centre since I posted this, and they said Jag don't do a 19" temp spare. Isn't it possible that an 18" wheel could have a tyre with a deeper tyrewall to make up the difference? Not my specialist subject obviously.
  13. I just bought the same disc on ebay for £28, though it was a one-off sale. Seems to be a lot quicker than the original 2008 disc. Those are still selling for around £10, so if I sell that it brings the cost down to around £20 (after sales fees)
  14. Quick question. Can I use a different size temporary spare wheel than the size of the normal tyres? I know the stock answer would normally be no, but the reason I ask is because my car has 19 inch wheels and I need to buy a spare as my car didn't come with one, but all the spares I've seen (those bright orange things) for sale seem to be 18 inch. 🤔
  15. Surprised to hear of issues with Here maps. I first used them as a free app on a Windows phone around 6-7 years ago, and they were by far the best sat nav map I had ever used. I heard that a couple of years later Microsoft sold them to BMW/Mercedes. The app is now available on Android, called HERE We Go but I've never got around to trying it. I still have the original mapping on my 2009 XF but I don't do that many miles and not that much has changed in the past decade or so, so I've never bothered updating it. I may have a look for that £20 2019 upgrade disc that Apriliaman2000 mentioned about 18 months ago.
  16. When I got the car they had awful cheap Chinese tyres on, I forget the brand but in the slightest bit of rain they slid all over the place. Dealer had swapped them actually before I collected the car as it had Dunlops on when I went to look at it - I didn't notice until a couple of weeks later. I got the P-Zeros as the local National tyre place had a really good deal on them, and cannot fault them at all, wet or dry, but I was told the Dunlops last longer. As for snow, all rear wheel drive cars struggle. I had a 3-series a few years ago and it was a nightmare in the snow, As luck has it, it very rarely snows where I am . I tried the Michelin Cross Climates and they were brilliant in the wet but typically, it never snowed all the time I had them so I cant comment.
  17. I would get it looked at a.s.a.p. as it sounds like something that could be due to fail completely and that could be expensive. If it is the water pump - I believe they are known to fail - I would definitely get the cam belt done at the same time.
  18. I've seen aftermarket kits you can buy, seem to be from £500 or so upwards. To be honest I don't do enough mileage to justify the cost, as long as I can play music from Spotify on my phone I'm happy, and I can do that with a £20 Bluetooth gadget. You're not going to get Bowers and Wilkins sound quality of course, but for the price I'm not complaining.
  19. Yes, good point. I have read that but I was under the impression that it was quite an old article and decided to check if the law had been updated since, but I haven't got around to it yet. I was more concerned about the insurance side of things to be honest but I asked them if switching to LED bulbs made a difference to the policy and they said it didn't, which given that it's an MOT fail was a bit of a surprise. At least I can see at night.
  20. I'm pretty sure this interior lights tip is shown in the manual somewhere. I'll take a look next time I can get at it, it's in the boot wheel well and the boot is full at the moment.
  21. Interesting. I have the double beep problem when trying to lock the doors with the button on the handles, but it's intermittent. Sometimes I have to try again by leaving it for a second then pressing the button again, sometimes I have to try a different door. Driver's door seems to be the one that doesn't work most of the time, left rear seems to work every time, varies with the other two doors.
  22. That is low. 7-8 months ago I bought mine, 09 plate 3.0 diesel XF and it had the DPF Full warning on when I picked it up. Took 150 miles of motorway driving to clear it but the warning came back every couple of weeks and eventually wouldn't clear. It turned out that the DPF filter was blocked which I put down to the low mileage. Mine had around 50k miles on when I bought it, but had only done 4-5000 miles over the previous 4 years so obviously hadn't been on any long motorway runs, and had probably been used just to run round to the shops in. I had the DPF filter removed and cleaned by these guys and it's been fine ever since. Never had any other problems with it and it's easily the best car I've ever had. Have not regretted the purchase even after having to get the DPF filter removed (and added new tyres), dealer was naff but the car is superb and feels pretty bulletproof. Only thing I would say is be very wary of a low mileage car with no service history. You would still be getting a very good car with twice that mileage on it as long as it's been well maintained. Never buy the first one you look at!
  23. I haven't read all the thread to be honest but for what it's worth I swapped out the original halogen bulbs on my XF, which I thought were a bit naff, and replaced them with LED bulbs. MOT test passed and it wasn't mentioned. Techinically all you would have to do is replace them back to the original bulbs for the MOT test. I doubt that it's likely to be anything you would ever get pulled up for, but it could possibly void the insurance in the event of an accident. My understanding of the law is that you can change original halogens for HID type, but not LED type bulbs. It's apparently something to do with the beam pattern which was originally unsuitable for use with headlights, although it's no longer the case as better ones have been produced since the legislation came into effect. The main concern would be the insurance issue but even then it's probably not something an investigator would look at.
  24. You're lucky, the Shell near us were selling STANDARD diesel at 177.9 the other day. I'm not totally convinced about this V-Power for diesel to be honest, I know the petrol version is a higher octane but as far as I'm aware the diesel is just the same as standard diesel with a few cleaning additives added. I know for sure that Esso's version, Synergy + simply has 2x the amount of cleaning additives but apart from that there's no difference. It might be cheaper just to use a bottle of STP Diesel Treatment or something similar every so often. Any thoughts?
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