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Hi I'm looking at buying a 2.2 auto estate 2009 with 71k on the clock is there anything I should be looking out for and are the auto box reliable cheers 

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Hi David, I had the same model. I have just sold it with 140k on the clock. If the gearbox oil hasn`t been changed I would get this done. Never any problem with gearbox.

Changed egr valve to prevent future problem. I changed the oil and filter every 7k miles and never any problem. Always use premium fuel. I used to do a lot of my driving out in  the countryside, but if you do short trips I suggest you take it for blast up the motorway for about 15 mins at 50mph to clear the dpf filter every now and then. Other than these things they are a great car. I had to give up driving due to health issue and it had to go. Hope you enjoy it.



Rod ( fellow Yorkshire man)

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