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But my first mk. 2


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Hi everyone, my name is Martin, I live in kettering northants, I presently own a Triumph Stag, and have had it for 9 years, and have now done everything to it and toured in it. I have always fancied the mk 2 jaguar, but not sure if it is going to be too thirsty for my needs as I intend to use it . In the stag spec. It says 22 gallon, but I get more like 25/28, will this be the same with the JAG as the book days 18 to the gallon is that average????, If I can get similar to my V8 stag I would be quite happy,

Thank you,


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Hi Martin ---The mk2 is a truly remarkable car and usually comes with a 3.8 ltr  i would assume your Stag has a 3.0 ltr and  I think you will still be surprised at the mk 2 --???

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