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Groaning Steering Wheel


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Recently, when the steering wheel moves into place when I start the car, it does so with a scrapie/groaning sound.

I was wondering if it's rubbing against something as it moves into place or is there some sort of gearing that need lubricating?

An help would be appreciated as my wife gives me a funny look when it happens and I swear it's not me or my backside.


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Hello!  I've had exactly this problem.

I cured it a while back by spraying some silicone lubricant into the gap under the dials that the steering column exposes when it lowers (have to manually push up the little spring loaded vanity panel that rests on top of the column to do that).

It completely worked at the time, but lately it's come back again so will need doing again.  Lasted maybe 6 - 9 months...


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