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Searching for the sat nav wiring for my X-type, plus some information please


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Hello, I realise there are many people that have asked similar questions but I thought I would, with your consent, ask what I am wanting to know. I recently bought a sat nav system for my X-type and after waiting about 1 week a large box arrived. In it was the head unit, a dvd drive, and what I assume is a phone module by Motorola. I scouted through the box and to my dismay there were no connecting cables, I had some very good advice from a gentleman on hear telling me that the system would fit in my car. I am assuming that the wiring for the head unit is behind the existing one, but I have no wiring for inside the boot, which I understand is where the units go. May I ask if the dvd drive is the sat nav unit aswell, also does anyone know where I can get the cables and some idea as to how they are connected. Also the facia on this system is a different colour to the one I have in my car now, is there a dismantling yard that specialises in Jags out there?

I thank you for your time, regards, Alan

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