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Battery Charging / Conditioning procedures


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My XE will be laid up for a few months and I am considering attaching a Battery Charger/Conditioner to maintain the battery.

Q. Should I go direct onto the battery in the boot or use the terminals under the bonnet?

I regularly use battery chargers/Conditioners on my motorbikes and I do have the correct charger for the car its just I cant find any info on the XE for correctly  attaching a unit that will monitor the battery's condition and "condition" as required.

Many thanks

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Do not go directly to the battery, you will upset the battery monitoring system (BMS). You can however connect to the positive of the battery and a nearby ground point or use the terminals under the bonnet.

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Many thanks Jim - I'd read somewhere that charging at the battery or removing the battery may cause BMS problems. Spoke to a nearby independent who suggested using the terminals under the bonnet. All good now and battery maintenance is underway. alloys and brakes should be refurbished a lot early than previously mentioned. Best regards. John

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