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Infotainment system


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Hello i am a first time owner of a 2014 jaguar xf sportbrake 3.0 and this morning i started the car and i have no radio (greyed out), no phone, no sat nav and no sound on the parking sensors. I have tested the battery and it is good, i have also checked the fuses in the boot which are all good. I have tried taking the battery terminals off for a time to try and reset but problem still there. Has anyone got any remedies? Thanks 

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Hi Jason,

Welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club.

I see your are in Wales, I am in North wales, I did have an XF now have XJ.

They are beautiful cars.

You have done what I would have done to solve problem,  when did you buy it? did you buy from dealer? 

I would take it back if you did and ask them to diagnose the problem.

May be some sort of wiring problem, a break some where?

I am sure one of the other owners can help you.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Aubrey, thank you for the reply the car was a private sale i live in South Wales near Cardiff. I will check for water in the boot, failing that I will get it to the garage to get a diagnosis. Been doing some digging on the Internet and others causes are the Dab and bluetooth modules under the passenger seat failing and knocking out the fiber optic chain. 

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