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S Type Bonnet Release Cable Failure


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I was asked recently on another Jaguar site that in the event of a bonnet release cable failure how would the two spring loaded securing catches be released. The chap who asked had this failure and was beside himself with horror as he couldn't see anyway to gain access to the catches without potentially destroying some panels/grille etc.. to do so.

I did some research as it was not an issue I had ever encountered on an S Type. So looking at my S Type (R/H Drive) I realised that the main release cable is connected between the release lever in the cabin and the R/H bonnet release catch (situated between O/S H/Lamps and Radiator). The main cable terminates at this point and a secondary "slave" cable is then connected to the L/H bonnet release catch (situated between N/S H/Lamps and Radiator).

From what I can see there are two main failure scenarios:- (apart from mechanisms seizing up through rust etc....etc..)

A) Secondary Slave cable fails and only the O/S release catch operates leaving the N/S catch locked.

B) Main cable fails and neither release catches are operated leaving both sides locked.

If failure occurs as in "A" then the N/S release catch can be manually operated by gaining access through the opening just below the front number plate by removing plastic trim parts and reaching up in front of the radiator and behind the front grille. or Remove lower splash panel and go in that way.

However if failure occurs as in "B" then things get decidedly tricky as the O/S release catch has an "anti-tamper" shield/box bolted to it with two low profile Pan Head Torx screws. This inhibits access to the release catch and for quite understandable reasons.

There was one account account of a guy who had a main cable failure and spent several hours removing rusted fixings on the lower splash guard panels and with a pair of grips painfully and slowly removing the two Anti-Tamper Torx screws before finally being able to release the catch manually.

So with my ever pessimistic and preventive hat on I decided to remove my Anti-Tamper box.

Just a thought :sneaky2:


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It is nice when topics are n the correct forum, but notwithstanding that, all information is useful.

I have printed off the post and it us in my file .

The club is very useful and the best for Jaguars and really does thrive on member's experiences

Regards to all,


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I guess the moral of this is to check the cables regularly and make sure they and the catches are well lubricated, and to replace the cables if there is any sign of wear.

One trick we used to use on motor bikes was to fit a second spare cable alongside the existing one, but in this case it would have to be connected as well, at least at the front end.  I haven't looked at mine so I don't know if this is possible but it might be worth a try.

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Has anyone found a way around the anti tamper boxes fitted from 04 onwards? Please! I have removed the fog light covers and the trim from under the bumper so I can get my arm and hand inside but the anti tamper box that the cable goes into does seem to be in the way.

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