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2.5 V6 rattling engine


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Hi there, 

I’ve just taken my Jag 2.5 V6 out for a drive. And I’ve noticed in certain gears that the engine is making a slight rattling noise but only in certain gears. I could be driving slow and accelerate and no noise. And then when I’m accelerating what feels like a wring I get this rattling noise coming from what sounds like engine. Earlier I noticed the noise When going up a slight incline hill so I accelerated more and the car changed gear and the noise fadded. I noticed it only does it around the 1,500 when the engine is a bit sluggish. If I accelerate at that RPM I can hear a rattle like something loose in the engine. It doesn’t do it when Rev stationary. 

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m anxious and worried about this quite a lot as I suffer from anxiety too! So I’m really stressed 

Update** this morning on cold start I had the Oil cap off wondering if it’s engine or gearbox. I think it’s engine because I could hear the noise either from the engine bay or through the Oil cap.


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From your description, i'd say the little ends are shot. Could also be piston slap but that's usually more obvious when it's cold going up a steep hill in a higher gear than you should.

When did it last have an oil/filter change?

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5 hours ago, sosmotorcyclerecovery said:

If its getting worse under load 

Not likely, the timing is controlled by the engine management ECU/PCM and therefore shouldn't allow pinking/pre-ignition/detonation/pinging unless the EML/MIL is lit in which case the codes need to be read and the cause investigated.

If it is the little ends as i suggested, it is often worse on cold start (and cold engines shouldn't be revved hard anyway) and either way, worse under load. Piston slap is more of a knock than a rattle too.

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