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Recon engine

Peter Sawyer

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The mileage on My XJ8 is 270,000 and although it runs well I have Oil leaks and have now been advised that I need a new engine. I believe you can obtain a recon from Jaguar, but none in stock, even though I have waiting 4 months. Has anyone any advice, or alternative means of rectifying the issue. Many thanks. Peter

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There are many Jaguar specialist around that are thought well of and quite often equally as good as Jaguar Dealers. Their advantage is that they are usually considerably cheaper to deal with than Jaguar Dealers. 

You could contact one or more and ask them to quote for re-building your engine or ask their advice on what to do.

I do not personally know of one in Dorset, but no doubt there is one somewhere. I do know of one in Somerset that is always well recommended. Swallows Jaguar.


Best Wishes and Regards, John

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