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2003 S Type interior lights


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I have had my 2003 3 litre S Type for just a couple of months. When I open the car various interior lights come on including the footwells.

But where to put the key does not light up, and it can't be seen in the dark.

Is this correct or am I missing a light? If something is not working, can it be sorted?

Can anyone help a Jaguar novice, please ? 

Thank You,  Keith







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On 12/5/2022 at 7:37 PM, JOE-DOT-COM said:

not really needed as the interior light stays on for quite a while and goes off when the key is inserted

It would be a nice touch though! Sort of surprised it's not present considering the rest of the interior lighting.

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Thanks for the responses to my question.

I'm pleased that I am not missing a light.

But with the lights that do come on, the keyhole is not visible in the dark.

So I will continue fiddling in the dark.

Kind Regards,












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