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A few bits im looking in to


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Hi there , just introduced myself in the new comers ...

A couple of things i would like help with please ...

1st off i have a 2002 3L v6 sport X-TYPE .. Are there any bolt on things that it didn,t come out of the factory or weren,t added by the buyer from new that i could put on myself ( easy jobs ) !!!

Like the light switch on some have a trip computer built into them but mine doesn,t , so if i bought a switch that has the trip computer buttons is it just a plug and play or would it not work like that ????

And secondly on the radio it has a button with a telephone on it when pressed it says something like no phone or not connected , does the telephone have to be something from Jaguar or is it a bluetooth connection ?

And third is there anything i should be looking out for that may need attention in the near future ?

Thankyou Paul

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