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Hi All


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Hey everyone.

So my names Colin and im currently looking for my first Jaguar. My model of choice is an S-Type. I made this decision after realising an XJS would not fit in my garage and give me room enough to get out (those doors were not designed with the larger man in mind, lol). Anyway i went to see one today and it was a very neglected kitty indeed. So i walked away from that and have another few lined up to see. The one im seeing tommorow is a 1999 V reg, met gray, manual, 3.0 v6 SE. Its got 97000m on the clock and full service history. Only downside is a window regulator has stopped working (common i believe) and its slightly over priced at £1995. Although if it runs and looks as good as described and i can get it for £1500 im having it. Which maay be do able as the markets tough right now and the owners moving abroad very soon.

Enough about the car (for now). Im 27 so not the youngest here im sure but as friends and family constantly remind me im not a typical Jag driver. Always loved my Dads ones growing up. His probably owned around 100 cars over the years and about 15 jags. The ones i remember are his E-Type MK1, XJRS and 06 plate XK. Love all those cars!

Will update when i get one.


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