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Advice for a soon to be owner......


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I've just registered on the basis that I'm almost certain that I'll be buying the 2002 S-Type R that I'm going to look at tonight.... a decision reached by my heart rather than my head.

So that I can make the final decision with some semblance of common sense, I was wondering if anyone out there had any tips / advice about things I should definitely look for when I view / test drive the car?

I've checked out a number of forums (esp this one) and read no end of reviews and buying guides, but if anyone has experience of any specific but common faults that I should check for it would be very much appreciated.

The car is a late 02 model with 55k on the clock. Seems to have full history and if the photos are anything to go by its in tidy condition for an 8 yr old.

I'm currently driving a diesel and I know that the fuel economy (or lack of it) is gonna be scary, but other than that is there anything else I should consider before buying?

Also, if anyone can recommend a good Jag specialist (rather than dealership) in the south-west Birmingham area, it would be appreciated (not that I want to spend any time there.... would just like to know for future reference).

Thanks :P

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