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The Jaguar Factory Tour and Jaguar Heritage Museum


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Dear Jaguar Club Members

Last week the Jaguar Owners Club had its first official club meet, visiting Jaguar's Castle Bromwich assembly plant and Jaguar's Heritage Centre just down the road.

About fifteen people turned out to enjoy a friendly get-together of Jaguar enthusiasts.

We met at Jaguar's Heritage Centre and spent a good hour or so marvelling at iconic Jag's such as the SS1 Coupe and the rarest of them all the XJ13. Having enjoyed such rare views and everyone having selected their most favourite classic, we decided to refresh in the gardens of a beautiful old pub around the corner, taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather.

Forming a nice convey of Jags, we then swiftly proceeded to the manufacturing plant where friendly staff greeted us and three fantastic new Jaguar's were on display in the reception hall. The tour reflected the quality of the brand, with highly knowledgable retired factory managers guiding groups of around 8 through the inner workings of the plant. Lasting around 2 hours, the tour took us to all areas of the factory apart from the paint shop (out of bounds due to risk of contamination), culminating with an extremely shiny black Jaguar rolling off the production line.

Common consensus was that the experience was excellent and in keeping with all that Jaguar represents. For photos of the visit please go to the Jaguar Owners Club gallery, where you will find Jag's to make your mouth water. Take a look and let us know what you think.

We hope to be able to organise similar events in the very near future.

Best wishes,

Steve and the Jaguar Owners Club Team

See photos from our visit of the Jaguar Heritage Museum




See more photos from our Jaguar Heritage Museum visit.

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Im glad everyone enjoyed the tour it is always very well run. Isnt the Heritage centre great? As ive worked for Jaguar for 27 years ive seen most things close hand. You should of visited the VMC while you were at the Hertiage Centre and seen the Veneers being made for the Jaguar range. I am currently working secondment for Jaguar at Lawrence Automotives who now produce the veneers which is only 10 minutes from the Hertiage centre!!! When you next plan a tour let me know and i will help organise the veneer tour.

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