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ICE recoding


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Hi all, after my previous posts to do with replacing the standard mini disc thats fitted in my motor with a cd standard one, I have now acquired a unit from a 2004 x type.

Has anyone got knowledge on the best ie easiest and cheapest way to get the unit recoded prior to fitting?


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Hi all, just a line to update on my ICE problems. If you've been following, I bought an X Type 2002 a month or so back but it had a Mini Disc head unit fitted as an option by the original purchaser.

I have sourced a CD unit from a very nice bloke who was breaking a 2004 model, cautiously, I admit because I wasn't 100% sure if it was a straight swap.(Thanks Steve for the info).

I found a local firm that undertook the recoding for £20. While it was away I purchased a replacement gear change gaitor off eBay for £7.95 because the vinyl one was getting a bit worn and was split in a couple of places.

So both jobs done today, looking pretty smart again I think.post-528-0-58246900-1312493782_thumb.jpg

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Hi everybody - I know I'm replying to an 'old' post - (only just joined and am trying to play catch on some of the older posts and topics!), but this bit of advice might still be of help now. If you're 'sourcing' a replacement ICE unit, from a breakers yard or the like and they don't have the original radio code, firstly you should let them know that without the 'code' the unit is pretty worthless (we know it's not !) and try and negotiate a better price, but then ask to have a look at the donor vehicle, you may be interested in other parts, but then make a note of the VIN or chassis number - visible from the nearside lower windscreen area. Now armed with the VIN number, log on to eBay and search for Jaguar Radio codes or something similar, and you'll find several people who can supply you with the correct code for about a tenner - happy days! The only time this won't work is if the unit from the donor is not the original factory unit - but to be fair the chances of this being the case is pretty slim.

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