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Strange whining noise from my x-type


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Hi all

I have a lovely X Type 2.1 V6 but it has a rather strange noise......It has had it since I bought it in July.

When driving along I get a whining noise, not a bearing rumble, a whine. It seems to be coming from the rear of the car.

I changed the ARB's and the lower rear arms as they all had play and I thought that was the cause of the problem as the wheels were able to move to the toe out position (as demonstrated by the wear on the inside of both rear tyres).

Does anyone else have experience of this and know what I can do to sort it out?


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Hi - yes, I gave it a full service myself after I got it and everything seems in order. There isn't a rear diff as mine is FWD - I checked everything out at the back and am at a loss as to the noise!

I wonder if it is due to the cheapskate that owned it before me putting budget tyres on it?

Thanks for the reply:-)

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