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hi every one

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2 weeks ago fell for a rough old xjs v12 convertable, thats sadly been siting outside for 5 years with a ripped roof' & no key's..

now i've got it home it has a few problems to say the least' floors gone on off side which didn't put me off' I changed the old fuel in the tank tried to start it last week & found no power to the pump. I've got that running from the battery & getting fuel up to the pipes before the injectors. I used a can of easy start but still no joy in starting the old girl.

dose a f reg xjs' have a built in immobobliser? as when i turn the back of the ignition barrel the horn goes off"

I then tried to take a plug out & it broke leaving the tread part of the plug in the head' all the other plugs are very tight so left them there..

I understand now i might have to get it running before i can losen the plugs, when the engine is warm because of the steel to ally combination.

I have a couple of questions

dose this car chip in the key that i haven't got?

can i change the v12 engine for a rover 3.5 v8?

I have heard that removing the head on a v12 to do the stuck plug thread is a long mission because you have to hang them to losen the head from the block.

But' if i can get it started i might not need too..

any advise welcome



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Ian Kelsall on Facebook Says

The vehicle does not have a factory fitted alarm or immobilizer but it may be fitted with an aftermarket system which could disconnect the fuel pump. Look around the wiring under the dash panels looking for none standard wiring. The fuel pump should run for 2 sec’s when the ignition is switched on so disconnect your wiring bridge, get somebody to turn on the ignition on as you check the pump in the boot. If the pump runs then this confirms the engine management is powered up and getting an ignition feed. If not then check the inertia switch on the passenger side door frame. If the Fuel pump runs for 2 sec’s but does not run when the engine is been cranked then check to see if the ignition amp on the near side inlet manifold is sending a speed signal to the fuel injection control unit and switch the ignition coil to supply the spark.

You could replace the engine with a V8 but I feel that the V12 is more in keeping with the vehicle which you have.

On behalf of XJK Jaguar Specialists LTD

Ian Kelsall


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