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engine management light


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Hello all,

I'm a first time Jag owner (S Type 3.0 V6) picked it up today and drove it home 200mls and it didn't miss a beat.I had a smile on my face all the way home!!!!

Now the engine management light is on,the Jag still pulls well.I hope to get it plugged in to a fault reader within the next few days. Is there anything i should be looking out for.

Any assistance would be most welcome.

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Well, plugged the Jag into a fault reader and found one of the cat converters isn't working to Jag spec.

Going to use cat clean once i've used up the tank of fuel....which shouldn't take to long!

I'll post an update on my findings. :)

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Same position myself. No issues with EML since I bought it 3 months ago, plenty of others though. I filled up at Tescos yesterday and noticed the EML light on the way home.I've ordered an ELM327 reader, which should be here tomorrow, so I'll let you know what I find as well.

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After discussing the EML with a friend who owns the garage that reset the EML.He thought the EML would appear again under hard acceleration,so i spent a day or so driving around normally to prove the light would stay out and then i gave it the beans and up popped the EML.

The fault reader stated fault on Cat Converter bank A.

Perhaps its something you could try.

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The code reader didn't arrive today, so I'm still in the dark regards the cause and the light is still on.


I have recently disconnected the RCCM, whilst I try to fix a burnt track in it's PCB. It's odd that the EML has appeared within 6 miles of me doing this. Te RCCM shouldn't control anything except the Climate Control, however I have noticed that the boot only opens on the fob now, not with the button in the car or on the boot.


Could be a connection, but I wanted to see what the code reader said before I put the RCCM back in, as yet unfixed.


I'll put it back in as is and see what happens.....


What are going to do about your EML, is it a new cat needed or a sensor?

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Hi Guys,

S type 3.0 manual 2004 

Usually clean out leaves from wiper sites. Didn't today because it was raining so hard. Manually cleaned out after about 25 miles. Leaves felt warm. Started car and it went into restricted performance and engine light came on. Couldn't go more than 3000 revs for 10 miles then performance okay but engine light has stayed on. What do I do next? Many thanks

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