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Spare Wheel Holder


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Hi Guys and Gals, my big cat is still the love of my life (apart from my Doberman, that is lol).


I have an XKR 2003 and the cap and long bolt that holds the spare wheel down is missing. I've tried a few websites but no luck so far.


Does anyone out there have one for sale or know where I can get one pleeeeeeeease! The rumbling noise is driving me crazy. I've tried to pad it out to no avail :-(


Enjoy the sunshine - ain't it nice to have air con :-) xxx


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Hi Sandy,


Have you simily done a google search?  I've just used google images and found a couple of Jag examples: S-Type, XJ and XK  - the only issue with the XK example the seller is based in the States so there would be an additional shipping cost. 


The other alternative could be a scrappies/breakers.


Until you get yourself sorted you could always wrap the jack and tools in an old towel?


Happy hunting,


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Hi Sandy,


I also have an XKR, 2001 so a little older than yours, and it also is missing the same bolt. I thought of the Jag main dealers but didn't get around to it yet. Hopefully we can get this sorted soon!

Meanwhile enjoy the sun and aircon as much as you can, and isn't it just the purrfect motoring experience?   ;)  :) Every time I look at it I do a  :wub:


Steve (pabojag1) 

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Hi Steve, I've googled the part and been in touch with 'spares finders' for Jags but to no avail. I've padded out the well with bubblewrap etc but no joy.

I've sort of worked out that the bolt size down through the spare wheel is 1/4 inch but can't confirm that. Will go to B & Q and buy some 'test' size bolts.

Of course, what I should do is remove the spare wheel and go for a spin just to confirm that is causing the rumbling. It might just be the exhaust boxes rattling so I need to eliminate that.

Joys of motoring eh? lol  Still wouldn't be without my growler :P  :)  :wub:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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