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  1. I use them all the time for my 2001 XKR. Can't fault them and they really know their way around Jags.
  2. Does anyone go to the Jaguar Breakfast Club meetings at Gaydon (first Saturday of each month)?
  3. I have rented a lock up to store my XKR, otherwise it would be on the road all the time. Upside is its roomy. Downside its a 25 minute walk or need jump leads if left for too long. I suspect my garage at home may be too small, its certainly full of stuff I may never need (ie pushbike, cement mixer and boxes of stuff from a previous life!
  4. Hi Ian, and welcome! As an XKR (2001) owner, I would be interested in seeing any pictures you have of your problem, and following how you get on with your restoration. If you can find the time to post some...? Regards Steve
  5. Hi Steve, Count me in please, from Pease Pottage, with my XKR (2001) and a passenger - not sure who yet but I think my son enjoyed this year's trip, so he may join us again. Yesterday I joined Old Peter and Others (11 cars in total) at Gaydon Heritage Museum for a West Midlands meet. Some of us were a little disappointed at the relatively low turnout compared to promises beforehand, but nevertheless a good day out. Pics are still in the camera but will post one or two when they find their way into my laptop! Can you remind me again why there is no longer a bi-annual event in the south-ea
  6. Hi Steve Please count me in again! Joined you in the summer, most enjoyable until my XKR was involved in a small RTC on the way home. I should be a 1+1 Regards Steve (Pablojag1)
  7. Okay - well, I am still keen even if only the 4 of us! Tied up 20 - 25 Aug but otherwise anytime will do. Steve
  8. If anyone has an answer to this one, it might help my dad. He has a Saab 9-5 (Y reg) that had the same, but was told it would cost him £500 in stripping out the fascia before any fault could be identified. As it happens, it seems to have righted itself since but if the problem recurs ....
  9. Hi Kenny, I see that there have been no posts since June - are we still at 4 cars?? Can't believe that to be honest. Steve
  10. Ken, I can't believe you've only got 4 interested! C'mon guys, anyone else out there???
  11. Ken33y, living just south of Brummiger-land as I do, Brecon area would be great for me. I will gladly join any meet there - other engagements permitting of course.
  12. Having said 'yes', how would I have added my name to the list? (dummy when it comes to things electronic)
  13. OK you can count me in too! Brecon Beacons - a great place to drive. Trouble is my summer is starting to fill up a bit.
  14. Was going to make a suggestion but was beaten to it by Graham669! Have since been to Rob at Northfield and fully endorse the recommendation - I have recently learned they do bodywork as well as mechanicals .. :)
  15. Hi Trevor, One result of buying a nearly new XKR is the shift from being "one of the nearly dead" to "one of the grateful dead" ?? Enjoy!
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