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Hi all,


 Don't care what age group you are there's something magical about the name Jaguar.


After years of 4x4 jeep and truck type vehicles during which I nearly bought an AWD X  Type Estate I finally got my Jag a 2009 X Type Sport Premium which I think looks great,


It.s not been that reliable however and in the past eighteen months I've had to replace the Flywheel (done under warranty but I had to pay for the clutch), the EGR valve, the fuel cap would'nt close, the driver seat belt would'nt recoil and just last week the jubilee clip on a turbo hose had rusted to the extent it snapped and the pipe came off.


All in all quite a list and certainly giving ammo to  the "not a real Jaguar brigade" but these issues have done nothing to dampen my enthusiasm for the car - I still love it !


I'd like to resurrect the debate about mud flaps and ask if any member has found and fitted a decent universal set as my local main dealer after checking my vin number has confirmed none are available for my car


Thanks for now look forwrad to future chats









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Hi Brian...and welcome to the club!


I think with all cars, there will be teething problems with them, but glad to hear you haven't been put off the Jaguar brand.


Mudflaps, generally nowadays there is no real need to fit them (unless rallying the car) as they can promote rust by way of trapping mud in between where they are fastened to the vehicle and keeping the moisture within which then leads to corrosion. However, there are protective coatings (in spray cans) which are transparent and can protect the paintwork from stonechips...maybe worth giving that a try?




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Thanks Trevor


Definitely not been put off hence the mud flap query to keep the body work tip top as being four years old the front sills already have some stone chips.


Maybe some gentle sanding and some paint will do the trick


Thanks again



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