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Headlight keeps blowing

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Hi everyone I'm new here as just got myself a 2003 X Type with only 50k on the clock and love it.


But I have a problem, I have now had 3 new bulbs in the off side (drivers side) Dip Headlight as they keep blowing after about 2-3 weeks and I have managed to change this without taking the bumper off whoop whoop.


Any Ideas what could be causing this, any help would be gratefully accepted.



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You could try this;


Excessive bulb temperature is a more likely cause of failure. This will occur if the heat transfer path from bulb to the light unit and thence
atmosphere, is less than adequate. Good, clean metallic contact between the bulb's metal seat and its holder is essential.


Cheap quality bulbs may not fit as well as the more high end versions, or there might be corrosion. Some heat is lost throught the supply and earth wires themselves, so in this respect a bad earth or connector can assist in the failure process. So check the full path for heat to escape - not easy in the X Type which is probably why it is seldom done! In some cases, better heat loss might be achieved by using heat transfer compound on the bulb base.(Intended to assist the heat transfer from elecronic components to their heat sinks (Maplins - Code RE96E for £4.19)





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Hi Kelly....and welcome to the club !


Always make sure that you don't handle the glass when fitting it as the oil from your skin will create a hotspot on the bulb and as Trevor has said, excessive heat transfer is a killer for bulbs

If you do touch it accidentally, clean it with an alcohol based cleaner and that should do the job.


Good luck   Trevor (another one)

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