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Hi Mike, and welcome to the Club.


Generally all the Jaguar models are well equipped so basically the choice is between either economy or performance, although all perform quite well.


The early models had a 2 litre diesel and the 2.7 litre diesel, with later models getting slighter larger engines, a 2.2 and a 3.0 litre engines, which are still quite economical.  A mate of mine has a 3.0 Litre Portfolio and thinks it is one of the best cars he has ever driven   ---  and being a former CEO he has had Jaguar XJS models for years.


Whatever your choice you will enjoy it.





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Hi Mike and welcome ,I have just purchased a 2009 XF 3.0ltr V6 Diesel engine and love it to bits.It has done 90,000 miles with full Jag history and it drives like a dream.The fuel economy is very good ( much better than my 5 series) and it has plenty of power if required.I have had an XJ6 3.2 in the past and that was a nice drive but the XF has added a bit more of a sporty feel without compromising on ride quality.At the end of the day Mike its a Jag and im sure you will enjoy whatever engine size you get.


good luck Alan

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