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i have a s type jaguar 2.5 petrol on a 2004 plate,i had the engine management light come on,when tested the code was dtc p1582,flight recorder data clarifcation.the light is now out and all is well,but just woundered what this is ??,have been told it could be something to do with the throttle/inetia switch failure,but even when the light was on the car drove ok,and did not go in to limp mode ??.many thanks.neil.


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P1582 Flight Recorder data is stored if any of the following occur:


1. Inertia Switch is activated
2.Throttle 'Limp Home' mode
3. Engine starts and stutters
4. Engine fails to start
5. Engine stalls


If any of these have occured, the stored code is showing that relevant data is stored. Dealer level diagnostics is required to interrogate this data. 


If non of them have occured, check:


1.Inertia Switch to ECM circuit for a short circuit to B+ voltage
2.Inertia Switch failure


If you clear the code and it doesn't return, then a temporary out-of-range signal has been the most likely cause.



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Trust Me same code, same explainatrion for a jag but couldnt find a specific one for Jag.

by the way that code isnt listed in Autodata or anything like it, they expect P1*** to only be accessed by Jag main Stealers

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