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keyfob crisis

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I have just bought my first x type locally from a private seller and while it appears to be in good conditon and runs and drives well it was at the bargain end of the market, I am just starting to learn my way around the car and the few things that have flagged up as problems all seem well documented and fixable using the forums and some common sense.


The one big issue I have is the remote locking, its the four button keyfob type, and it just doesn't work, the car unlocks and disarms the alarm using the key in the door and the transponder end of the key fob is fine, I have had the remote checked by a local guy who offers a rebuild service through ebay, but he has informed me this evening that the circuit board inside my fob is dead and he cannot fix it, my question is if I buy a working key from ebay how do I search for someone local to me(cornwall) who can programme the new key, obviously this will be after I have swapped the blade for the correct one for my car, is this something that can be done or am I resigned to using the actual key for entry from now on??? the car is a 3ltr v6 4wd se model, thanks



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Hi, Mark and welcome to the Club.


Key fobs are a bit of a mystery, and I think with the electrical but being dead you could have to be going to a dealer or a Jaguar specialist to get the bit you need.


There is a topic on the Forum concerning Independent garages, who will be cheaper than a main dealer, and it will be worth having a look at that.





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Thanks for your help, after reading the threads and pages you suggested, I think I am in a fortunate position that because my transponder part of the key still works, I can buy a 2nd hand remote fob and programme that using the ignition switch method explained on these pages, at least thats the plan! Thanks again

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Hello and welcome to the Jaguar Owners Club, I had a similar issue with my XJ8 and within a few posts here it was sorted, mine required the following steps:


Place key in ignition

Hold headlight flasher back towards you

Turn ignition key to position 1 (accessories position, not ignition lights)

Flash headlights 4 times (not too fast)

System will enter programming mode confirmed by a bleep from the alarm sounder (or flash from the led)

Program each transmitter by pressing the lock or unlock button on the transmitter (try all buttons if no response from lock/unlock)

The security sounder must bleep (or led flash) when you press a transmitter button for successful programming.

Remove key from ignition and test keyfobs

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Just done this ^^^^ on mine, got it working but my key pad is pretty naff. I can't find new replacements pads for the early fobs, just the 2000> models so bought a nearly new complete fob with the same code/frequency and will sync that one instead (at least I have a spare now!).

Its worth noting that the during the above process it might not actually beep, but the led on the gear selector will still flash when going through the process so I used that to know it was working. 

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