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anyone know of common problems of getting water in the footwells?

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Hi Andy,


Have you checked the rubber seal round the windows?  A piece of kitchen roll inside the rubber seal could give an indication of water ingress.  The other possibility is water getting in at the bottom of the doors.  I have had a teaspoonful in on the passenger side.





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Hi peter,

Door seals seem fine, when I bought the car the scuttle panel was loose so I sealed it all and thought that was the problem but still seems to be getting water in, I’ve just taken the trim off around the full windscreen and sealed round the glass then put all the trim back on then sealed that, I think someone has messed about with it before because the screws were all different and with the scuttle being loose, if this fails then I’ll have to look into it more with the suggestions in the links Jim has posted, thanks for the info guys!!

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