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Remote key issues - trying my patience!

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The remote that came with the car works - sort of, boot and lights is fine, door unlocking and locking was sluggish and you had to press hard.

So as the buttons were worn, we bought an almost new one.


Programmed in the new remote but locking and unlocking is still difficult and the wife can't manage it (!Removed! nails) so I am still in the doghouse!. Its locks/unlocks fine with the key, but upon more reading, the ignition flap looks like its still half open with the key out.


Any idea if this is linked to my issue?

I am going to get some WD40 in there in the morning, should it be visibly closed with the key out?

Also plan to re-clean the key circuit board with electrical cleaner.


It seems that these early remote's are a pain as they don't have switches, just contacts.


If anyone has any thoughts on the above, please feel free to share! 

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Hi Matthew,


I think all the remote controls have contacts, rather than switches.  One of my key fobs that came with the car had worn buttons and I was able to buy just the set of buttons on ebay for £3.50  ---  a bit exorbitant for a small piece of rubber, but it does stop my son from opening the boot instead of unlocking the doors.


A bit of WD40 on the locks themselves might do the trick.





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Hi Peter,

Sorted it now, cleaned the contacts again with a rubber eraser, all working perfectly.

You can't get replacement buttons for the early remote's sadly as they have contacts in the moulding, the later 01> don't hence cheap rubber replacements.

Main thing is its working at 20ft from the car, great stuff!


Oil change planned for tomorrow and its going in for fresh gearbox oil and filter next Thursday, coming together nicely!   

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