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ABS light on and DSC System Failure

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Hi everyone.

Im having some trouble with my 2006 2.2D and someone recommend this site to try help me get it sorted.

The ABS warning light came on along with DSC System Failure in the small screen on the dash.

This now happenes every time I start the car.

I have a diagnostic tool which is displaying fault code C1A91 And saying Front Left Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit.

I swapped over the two front sensors and reset the codes to see if the fault would move over to the off side wheel.

Unfortunately it didn't so this has eliminated the wheel speed sensor being bad.

I now have no clue to what the problem could be and to top it off my Mot is due in a couple of weeks.

I'd really appreciate some help with this.



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Hi Chris, did you replace the short loom from the speed sensor to the connector? - This could be the issue, so always worth checking for continuity... 

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No i didn't, I wasn't aware of this. I just assumed the lead ran all the way to the abs module.

Is this fairly easy to use and what would be the best way of checking it.

Sorry about the 20 questions :)

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Not done one on yours but this was an issue on my XKR so worth checking and also cleaning the connector with electrical cleaner.


Wheel speed sensors are a pain in the !Removed!, if I could bypass them, I would!

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Hopefully I'll have time to have a look this weekend.

When I swapped them I gave the connector a blast with some of Maplins electrical cleaner but no luck.

Keeping my fingers crossed it's an issue with the short loom.

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