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Water leak

Bud boy

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My s type keeps loosing water I've changed the header tank but still it leaks I've seen traces of water down near the left front wheel so I removed the under tray but I cannot find a leak for love or money the car does not over heat just every few days it puts the low coolant light on can anyone help?

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Welcome to the Club, Mark.


I have never come across that one on a Jaguar.  I have spread out a newspaper underneath on a Ford Escort to fine out what and where it was leaking, which indeed allowed me to fin the location.  The Jaguar engine is a bit bigger,though.


There are a lot of experiences to be found, and experiences teach.


I hope you find one.





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Hi Mark, are you sure it's a coolant leak or is it condensate from the air conditioning system? Of course the low coolant warning tends to point otherwise, but if the engine is not overheating it may be a fault with the sensor. Is the coolant level dropping? If not you may be looking for something that is not there. Good luck with it, best wishes Geoff.

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