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Aux input on single cd unit?


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I'm new around here and have a question. Just bought x type se 2.0d on 04 plate. It has a single cd/radio unit. Was just wandering if it had an aux in on the back of the unit. Would like to play music from phone ipad etc.

Apologies if this has been covered before but couldn't locate in my searches.

Thanks in advance for all replies, ideas and suggestions.


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Welcome, why not try a MP3 transmitter? ,  just tune it in to a certain frequency on your radio , and you can play your Ipod/MP3 player and phone through the car's radio system. Used one in an old Mondeo I had and it worked fine.


This is the sort of thing I mean, but other types are available, and cheaper, even Tesco sell them.







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Check out my post from a few months back here


You can use it without the bluetooth. The iSimple IS31 device comes with a jack plug to phone lead to connect any device to it that has a headphone socket.

The transmitter types are an option but the ones I've used in the past have suffered poor sound quality and often need retuning if you travel around a lot as radio transmissions interfere with it. The iSimple doesn't suffer any of this

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