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new here but not to jags


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i have just taken ownership of a 1988 XJSC i presume its that anyway. its one of the first convertibles being an '88 and its in poor shape..... but not for long.


my last jag was a 1997 xj6 exec 3.2, previous to that in the jag world i have owned 2 XJS HE's.


i am a mechanic and own my own business. its a small place just me here. i specialised in the Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO but i am getting/have got fed up with them and want to get into classic car stuff..


this car i got is unregistered some politics about it had a private plate? anyway £25 sorts that out. but its tatty... real tattly and has around 75% of the body shell left. as long as there is good metal somewhere there is always a starting point. yes i am nuts! atleast the roof works and it runs to a fashion and gets around under its own steam.


roof is in VGC auto box is apparently recon or almost new.... probably a s/h one from a breaker.  all the tyres are good so really all i have to do is throw some steel at it and paint.


one thing i am having isues with is..... although it starts runs and drives (to a fashion), thats about every bit of electic that works.....except for the roof. there is no power going to the actual dash.... just answered my own question.


ok next question.......

when i get round to painting this. origial colour is solent blue i know this because my last xjs was the same colour.... i would like to bring it upto date with a more modern jag blue, would this knock any value from the car?



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Welcome to the club, David.


Great to see some more expertise coming to the Club.


Some people think about original colours being de rigeur, but personally I think that certain cars look better in certain colours and a good respray can work wonders. I don't think value would be affected with the right colour.





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