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Engine management warning light


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Hi all,


I was wondering if you could advise on the following. A could of years back the engine management light started to come on intermittently. Jaguar advised it was the oxygen sensor on the intake manifold and sorted the problem out. It's been fine until this week after a long motorway journey (must admit to putting my foot down as was late for an appointment). As before, the light now stays on for some time and then goes off. There is no discernible change in performance, no odd noises and it seems to be running better. Is this an easy fix? What damage would it cause long term if ignored? It's a 2003 2.5 V6 sport.


Many thanks.

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It sounds like the O2 sensor (oxygen sensor) has gone wrong again .


Here's how to fix it.




Are any of these links any use to you?







Trevor ( Ex Guildford resident)

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The engine management light will illuminate for various faults relating to the ecu and the relevant sensors. Any one of them could cause the light to illuminate and the only way to identify it is to read the fault code with a diagnostic code reader.

There are several on the market that will do the job. My dad has one that I've tested on my X-Type and it worked fine.

If you don't have access to one, then a Jaguar dealer or independent will be able to read it and tell you the fault, for a fee obviously. Most charge around 40 quid

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Thanks Trevor, really helpful link. Unfortunately haven't got the tools to do the job, although not sure what's wrong now as started it up to move it last night and now seems to be missing on one cylinder. Have taken Mick's advice (many thanks) and booked it into Jaguars to sort it out. I know, bottom lips quivering already, although my local Jag garage is actually very, very good and not that pricey (famous last words).


Thanks again.

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