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XKR Central Locking

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I wonder if anyone can help. I have had a series of XJs and recently made the move to my first XKR the cars is a 2003 and I am very happy but recently has developed an odd fault. It locks fine but occasionally when I unlock it sounds like it is locking and in locking multiple times. It always ends up unlocked and starts fine.

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trevor ive heard that removing fuse 19 in the fusebox between the rear seats keeps the exhaust open. can you please tell me what fuse stops the old fashion ariel . thanks charlie

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Found this


"It is fuse 19 in the fuse box between the rear seats but it's only the XKR that has a fully active exhaust the XK uses a semi active system and as far as I know it's the pressure in the exhaust that opens the valves so unless it's an R you might be out of luck."


On mine it is Fuse 19 in the passenger compartment fuse box, for the exhaust (10 amp and red), and Fuse 19 ( 5 amp and tan colour) in the rear compartment fuse box for the Ariel


Don't remove any fuses from the engine compartment fuse box





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