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New owner - rear wheel noise?


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Hello All

Just got my lovely 2010 XF 3.0d Premium Luxury last week. Bought at auction, serviced recently before my purchase at 46k or so. Fabulous car, loving it so far (apart from the slow and erratic sat nav..)

I do have a problem though - when turning left or right at speed, on long sweepers for instance rather than violent steering inputs, there's a grinding or groaning noise coming from the rear hub opposite to the direction of turn. Turning right gives noise from left hub, turning left gives noise from the right.

Could this be wheel bearings or is it maybe something these cars suffer from? I've looked on the forums but can't see any reference to this.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Welcome to the Club, Ian.


I am uncertain if your model is the AWD or RWD, although I think it must be RWD.


It could well be the wheel bearings, although that should have been picked up when the car was serviced.


Could it be something like the DSC? --  The warning light should come on if so.


Is there any noise on the straight?


There are quite a few members with a wealth of knowledge who will be able to pass on some experienced opinion.





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Thanks for the welcome and the suggestions.

Yes, it's RWD. 3.0 d. No noise when going straight. I think the noise when turning right is only under acceleration, but noise turning left is both trailing throttle and accelerating..

No warning lights, nothing. And it's a bit new for it to be wheel bearings..

It's strange - it's almost as if when the car loads up on one side or other it causes something down there to rub on something else...

I'll take it to my traditional indie BMW guy next week for a look see..

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