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Replacing a front wing


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Hi all. I'm new to the forum but have owned a 2003 s type v6 for the past 8 years. Not a minutes bother with the car. However, I need to replace a front wing due tosome rust above the wheel arch. Has anybody ever attempted it. I really need a step by step but can find nothing on line. It looks like the plastic sill cover has to come off and, I assume, it is held on with some concealed clips as well as bolts? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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I don't know about it being an exact science, its certainly not rocket science to change a wing.


From memory I think the front wings are bolted on a quick look along the upper channel between wing and bonnet will tell you (I don't have my car here)

Assuming they are bolted than the average guy should be able change the wing,


A tip before you start,  run masking tape along the door edge, bonnet edge and all adjoining  panels, this will protect the edges while you fiddle about lining up  the replacement wing.


Because you are replacing due to rust not damage, its just a case of finding the fixings, you might find a wing the exact colour if you are lucky,


tip:  take a look at the new wing to see the fixing points.

Obvious stuff like the wheel and inner mud shield have to be removed to gain access to the fixing bolts.


if you cant get to a fixing that has corroded simply cut open the old wing to gain access the you can work on the stubborn bolt from both sides.


make sure when offering up the new wing that all edges are protected with masking tape.


look at the gap between the door and wing, bonnet and wing on the other side, and speed some time jiggling the new wing about so the gaps are the same.


The masking tape will stop the wing catching the door and chipping the paint.


take extra care when closing the door during fitting and alignment.


Tip leave all bolts slightly loose so you can perfect the gaps



I assume is a used wing so make sure its got or add some rush prevention to stop it happing again before you fit it. (make sure protection is well dry before you start) 


Clean any corroded bolts and apply some grease to the thread..



lastly if I am wrong about the wings being bolted on  and they are in fact spot welded in position then the welds have to be drilled out (tedious but simple) then the wing is held in position with clamps and when the gap is right use good quality self tapping metal screws to secure the wing, before borrowing a mig welder to put a series of welds where the old spots were drilled out.


Tip make sure you paint over the new welded areas or they will rust very quickly.


post some before and after photos.


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Many thanks for the tips.  The wing removal is the easy bit as it is simply bolted on.  Does anyone have experience of removing the plastic sill cover?

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